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    I invite you to like the facebook page I made to increase the project I started with this website. Because nobody goes to the bottom of an infinite scroll, the possibility of making thematic photo albums seems to be a good way to deepen one’s sensibility. 

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  • You love the accidental. A smile from a pretty girl in an interesting situation, a stolen glance, that is what you are hunting for, that is a motif for your aimless fantasy. You who always pride yourself on being an observateur must, in return, put up with becoming an object of observation. Ah, you are a strange fellow, one moment a child, the next an old man; one moment you are thinking most earnestly about the most important scholarly problems, how you will devote your life to them, and the next you are a lovesick fool.

    —  Søren Kierkegaard (via poietike)

    (Source: wordswithinyou, via poietike)